Monday, September 24, 2007


Green Papaya's OPEN PLATFORM is an experimental laboratory for artists, researchers, enthusiasts and bystanders to wash their nasty works-in-progress for a one-night only critical play and exchange via screenings, conversations, performances and declarations of love. Whilst the sometimes foreboding creative process, w.i.l seeks to generate a space for those halfway-over experiences tucked in our sketchpads, notebooks, Myspace accounts and personal blogs. We welcome all in/decent propositions and different modes of presentation. So send in your videos, soundbytes, wearables, performances, installation, drawings, evil plans and marriage proposals for weekly one-night stand gatherings at Green Papaya. Proposals must be submitted a week in advance, send them thru or holler up +63926 6635606. 124A Maginhawa St. Teachers Village East, Diliman QC.

And check out, a site done by a friend of mine, Jobert. Great guy who once provided a sh*tload of booze and moisturizer for The Living Room. It's kind of like a wailing wall, or an advice free for all where one can post their issues and get feedback about what they are going through, whether it be as complex as the loss of a true love or as simple as what new appliances to buy. An interesting concept. Log on here.