Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's MadiLIM* under LIM.
Okay. It's confirmed. It's pretty much a state of calamity over in Malate. Not only did I drive by Roxas Boulevard last night and NOT SEE A SINGLE streetlamp working on the side closest to the sea (above photo taken in front of Aristocrat and Plaza Sulayman at 8:30pm), but the crosslight was also defunct causing pedestrians to wait at least twenty minutes for a free space to RUN across the street to the promenade. There isn't even a real sidewalk on the side closest to the buildings! Mayor Lim, How do you expect pedestrians to get around??? Fly? Not everyone owns a bloody car you know.

And you know what else happened? In the darkness of it all, the spare tire was stolen from the back of my sister's Honda CRV as it was parked on the street! It was screwed right off it's placement on the rear door. And it was parked on the side nearest the fountain on the corner of MH del Pilar! Under streetlamps!

This never happened to me in the freaking two years I've been living in Malate under Atienza.

MAYOR LIM!!! What the HELL!!!!???? You said crime was your priority. This totally proves otherwise. Lame f***ing duck. Retire already and find someone more energetic to get the job done. I am so not feeling you, you f***ing old goat. I'm serious. If I see you, I'll spit on you. Your hundred days are up. Get your act together NOW or go home.


OH. And furthermore, what the hell is the deal with your idea of reviving the plans of converting Bonifacio Drive into a business district? Why the hell are you trying to resurrect a plan that was shelved almost ten years ago? The needs, the profile, and population of downtown Manila has definitely changed since then and your crappy model (which I remember seeing during Atienza's time) is totally obsolete. AND WHY CREATE A NEW BUSINESS DISTRICT when downtown Manila already has one? That's what Binondo, Santa Cruz, Malate and Ermita were last I heard. Why don't you fix up those areas first? It's really easy. All you need to do is this: a) fix and create sidewalks all over the downtown areas and upgrade all infrastructure. b) Regulate jeepneys and remove smoke belching ones c) Control the proliferation of uncollected garbage, psychologically damaged street vagrants, and squatters. Just do these three things and business will return in no time at all. Trust me. The private sector provide the fancy stuff (i.e. better telecommunications systems, internet connectibility, the conversion of heritage office buildings to call centers) if you just keep the public domain in good shape. Call centers like investing in places where it's safe at night. Don't you get it?

Oh and advocating birth control accessibility to the poor won't hurt either.