Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Sigh. Really. What are you thinking? Are you even thinking? Add more animals to Manila Zoo? Are you mad? Now now. Just because you think that PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals can be a bunch of noisy do-gooders, doesn't mean that you should maliciously spite them just to prove a point. You are definitely more mature than that.

I mean really. Are you old? I don't think so. Age has nothing to do with this. Frankly, I think you are just being merely cruel by planning to add more animals to this facility. You say that you want to do the right thing and are open to taking advice? Well, take this then. Removing animals from a paradise like Calauit in Palawan and forcing them to live in an antiquated cramped filthy place like Manila Zoo is definitely not the right thing to do. Torturing animals purposefully for the sake of spite and/or political gain is definitely NOT going to win you any points on judgement day either I'm sure.

So please please please prove to me that you can be progressive. It's still early in the game and you can change your ways, I'm sure. Plus, you don't have to close the zoo down either. Just convert the zoo into a botanical garden instead. Just think about how much great press you will get for being so modern and humane? Think about how much money you can save as well. Feeding those animals are a drain on the city's budget. Here, I'll give you some advice on what to do and listen well. First, send the remaining animals to a wider, more open space (like Avilon Zoo in Rizal), then tear down the zoo's ugly walls and put "see through" fences instead so that pedestrians and outsiders can see those beautiful trees. After doing so, start using the facility as a greenhouse/plant center/ecological education tool to teach Filipinos how to care for the environment (just like the Manila Seedling Bank), and not to teach them how to CAGE poor animals. Finally, create a connecting promenade from the zoo to the Metropolitan Museum, Harrison Plaza and the Paraiso ng Kabataan Park on Quirino to fully integrate this new PARK into the urban fabric around it. It will make the area more pedestrian, baby stroller, and tourist friendly.


And just to keep things clear, I don't agree with PETA's idea to close EVERY zoo in the Philippines. I just agree with them in taking all the animals out of Manila zoo. Could somebody start a signature campaign?

God. If only the Mayor could read this article. I really feel he has no clue about what's going on around Manila.

Thanks Antonette for the photo.