Thursday, November 29, 2007


I HATE TRILLANES. I hate what he did - and to all the idiots who voted for this crybaby, I hate you too.

He and his supporters (and stupid freaks who voluntarily acted as shields for these morons) should have been totally blown away by the tanks and made it worth the destruction of my favorite hotel's gorgeous renovations.  I know I might sound extremely callous.  But do these people realize how difficult it is to build a country?  Their actions were obviously self serving. And in the end, it's poor people like me and you and all the employees of the Pen who get stuck with having to rebuild our country's image after all their whining and irresponsibility has cleared.

Here we go again. Three steps back for the country. And now that Trillanes and his merry medley of melodramatic morons are still alive and walking away unscathed, make that fricking four.  Sometimes, I think we are too nice.  These guys make me miss martial law.

Sigh.  I don't normally wish ill upon anyone. But really,  Trillanes' drama was uncalled for and the government acted accordingly.  C'mon guys! The election is in two years, just wait till then if you want Gloria out!  Sigh. I truly wish that the government finally pulls through with the "eradication" of these military and civilian troublemakers though (if not through "extreme" means then by locking them away and really throwing away the key).  Let it be known that I do not support the motives and methods of Trillanes, Guingona, Labayen, Reyes, et al.  And considering that NOBODY went to the Peninsula to support them except for Bibeth Orteza, I'm pretty sure A LOT of Filipinos agree with me too.

Gee.  I can't wait for all of my tour cancellations to start flooding in.  And poor Pen, they were at 90% capacity, had to cancel a wedding, and now have to work overtime to restore their lobby and reputation.