Tuesday, November 20, 2007


A million thanks and a box of cookies to Brett Debritz of Australia's Courier Mail Lifestyle section who was sweet enough to mention me in a column called, "In Imelda's Shoes".  It's a wonderful article, which illustrates Manila as a city that is at once chaotic but nevertheless interesting enough for a visit.  Thank you so much, Brett, for "getting it" so to speak and for being brave enough to come to Manila despite the Glorietta explosion. I sincerely hope to see you once again back here in the city of affections.

Manila is everything you'd expect of a bustling Asian city, and quite a few things you wouldn't expect.  Read the rest here...

And kudos to the Peninsula Manila (I have been their in-house tour guide for years) and Philippine Airlines, for sponsoring Brett's visit.  It just shows you that a little hospitality and graciousness can definitely change any person's perspective on a city.  Here's to hoping that you guys sponsor more travel writers trips to the Philippines.

Thanks to boerx for the picture of Manila Bay.