Saturday, November 24, 2007


Just in case you were wondering. Yes, that is yours truly in the Nescafe Coffee Christmas commercial. Shot only last October 30 at Production Village in Makati, I am amazed at how quickly it was able to be broadcast.  And although I may have been the shortest and least strikingly gorgeous among the cast, it was I who had the "money shot" so to speak. Apparently, being the person who is seen sipping from the cup is the most central role of all.  Seen above is my fellow multicultural cast. The quiet and brooding half Japanese/half Venezuelan Kenji Rivas, the gorgeous Brazilian model Malu Melo (who is also cast in the latest Pepsi ad with Bamboo), me, the funny and fantastic German/Filipina/DJ Christina Bartges, and Canadian model/bodybuilder Chris Davis.  The ad was directed by Steven Ngo and assisted by Kristine Rada.  

I would really like to get a copy of this downloaded onto youtube for my files, but dang.  I don't know how to record things from TV anymore.  

And to Brian, who posted great Lomo shots of the Intramuros Deluxe walk on his site Stochastic: Thanks bro.