Sunday, January 24, 2010



We, the supporters, volunteers and friends of former Defense Secretary Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro, vow to uphold the principles of POSITIVE CAMPAIGNING this election season. These principles shall unite us and guide us through this adventure that has brought us all together, inspire us throughout this journey, and lead us to victory.

We recognize, we believe, we affirm:

- that we have chosen our CANDIDATE because he represents what is best and excellent in all of us, because he champions our greatness rather than our mediocrity, because he is a visionary of means and not just a dreamer of ends, because we recognize the potential in him just as we recognize the potential in ourselves;

- that our VOTE is sacred. We do not take our vote for granted, for we are aware that millions around the world do not enjoy the privilege of electing their own leaders, and therefore do not have a say in mapping out their own destiny. Our vote ennobles us, reminds us that we can choose, we can decide and we can exercise our freedom to evolve our democracy to greater heights, as we give our full support to leaders who can serve the highest ideals of democracy;

- that this is a CAMPAIGN that does not stop with our candidate, nor does it end on Election Day. It is a deeper movement, a paradigm shift, that calls for the raising of awareness of every Filipino, the enlightenment of our entire race, so that we may pull ourselves out of a culture seeped in negativity and divisiveness, and enjoy the benefits of higher consciousness;

- that we align with POSITIVITY rather than negativity. We focus on our country's innate wealth, rather than endemic poverty; we choose to be balanced, rather than extreme; we see opportunities in every problem; we are constructive and not destructive; we would rather defend than attack; we do not manipulate or persuade, but we educate; we do not struggle, but we strive; we see the long view rather than the immediate. We choose our words carefully, because through thought, act, deed and speech we convey our compassion, our sincerity and our tolerance, and our capacity to heal our wounded nation;

- that we are in this endeavor because we love our COUNTRY, and we are eager to find our true place in the world. Our sense of country is not limited to just our islands, but to the Filipinos found in every corner of the globe, for the influence of the Filipino is actually planetary. Our sense of "what is Filipino" goes beyond region, dialect and citizenship, and deeper into what we can do for our country, more than what it can do for us, what we can do for the world, than what the world can do for us;

- that the ENVIRONMENT is the most pressing underlying factor behind the exigency of our present cause; that we are the Green Team; that we support Life and never exploit Life; that we shall always consider the preservation of our natural resources, the cleanliness of our surroundings, and the love of Nature in every exercise of our campaign, for it is our positive mindset which is needed to save our planet from irreversible destruction;

- that GOD, or a Higher Power, inspires us in all these things; that the victory of a President is not just prescribed by the number of votes garnered or the efficiency of his campaign, but by the guiding hand of destiny and invisible forces we cannot fully explain; and so we fully align ourselves with this Power, which is embodied in Truth, in Justice, and in Peace, because this is what prevails, and we shall, absolutely, prevail.