Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It all started when I took new Department of Tourism undersecretary @entengromano and some DOT secretaries out for a tour with an insane amount of people a couple of days ago. After the tour, I tweeted that it was real cool of them to come and I wish that I had a longer chat with them had the crowd not been too crazy. Then suddenly, I got a counter tweet from graphic design folks @TeamManila saying "I want to help the DOT". Then I retweeted it, then another person replied to that tweet, and before we knew it, a hashtag #helpDOT by @jillaquino appeared and a whole bunch of people came forward to volunteer in helping tourism efforts.

It was pretty amazing. Now folks on twitter are enumerating all their favorite places in our fair Philippine Republic as ideas are consolidated re: how to promote tourism through the internet, through volunteer efforts, and through arts and design.

But best of all, @TeamManila volunteered to make these amazing posters that you see right here on this page (Apparently, the Intramuros poster was inspired by my tour - Aw, Shucks guys!). They were done in a flash of inspiration and come to you directly from the studios of Team Manila. So feel free to download these images and spread them and use them as you wish to promote Philippine tourism. It's their generous donation to Filipinos around the world via the internet. Free of charge and free of copyright infringement. Talk about Creative Commons. It's really creativity being used for the common good.

So follow @TeamManila @carlosceldran @entengromano and hashtag #HelpDOT with your ideas about how YOU can help promote Philippine tourism. Log onto the Team Manila website here. Log onto their flicker photostream here. There's new stuff on it all the time.

Mabuhay y'all.