Friday, July 23, 2010


Tucked away in a small sidestreet in uptown Cebu City is a lovely little restaurant called Casa Verde. Run by the Noel-Escano family, I believe that this is one of the best restaurants in city. Located on a leafy lot, inside a green ancestral house (hence it's name) with elegant grills and capiz windows, Casa Verde is an unpretentious operation that mixes both charm and value. Their facade (above), their patio (below).

Here's their legendary "BRIAN'S RIBS" (above). Wild. Huge. Less than Php200.00 (believe it or not). Aside from the ribs, they also serve pasta, barbecued chicken, sandwiches, and milk shakes. Most of the menu is "American" as someone described it. I'll just call it delicious.

The garlicky "Tricia ala Pobre" (above). A lot of the stuff on the menu is named after members of their family. I.e "Peter Piper Oriental Chop", "Antonizza" , "Jay's Chinese Chicken Salad", and "Therese's Pieces". Cute.

And right through a lovely narra staircase (above) right above the restaurant is their cute little budget dormitory/hostel. Ideal for long term guests on a budget (starts at Php4000.00/month), students who are looking to be centrally located, or those who consider FOOD as a major consideration when choosing accomodations. Their sala with 60's era silkscreen prints (below). Only hitch is, you gotta be a woman. Sorry dudes, no guys allowed to sleep in these digs. It's the Barbizon Hotel of Cebu. But perhaps with better food.

The Tocino de Cielo, Leche Flan, and Mango sampler (above). Totally Cebuano old skool desserts. I'm amazed that even though the prices are low, the effort put into the Mise en Place is high. It's all Jeremiah Tower type plating here. Nice. Classy.

And best part of all. The folks who run the place are my relatives (above). I found out as I was lunching there that our maternal grandmothers are both from the Fortich clan. Their grandma married an Escano. My grandmother married a Celdran. Small world. Always thought that being in Cebu felt like visiting family, and now I realize that it's quite literal.

I hope to include Casa Verde on my SOUTHERN COMFORT tour of Cebu soon.

Casa Verde
#69 Lim Tian Teng St. (V. Ranudo Ext), Cebu City

Telephone nos.
(032) 2536472
(032) 2538234
Fax nos.
(032) 2536472