Friday, July 16, 2010


My friend Ana and I (holding FRENZY condoms above) from along with our friends from DKT are planning a "Family Planning Party and Roadshow" in Intramuros. We'll be educating mothers from lower income levels in informal settlers about artificial family planning methods. We'll bring doctors who can consult with them and talk about options they can have to space their births. And of course, I'll be handing out condoms.

But we'll also need a little help if anyone wants to help out.

We'll need:
Chairs (good for 200 moms)
Snacks and drinks for the moms while they wait their turn
Snacks for the kids who some of the moms will bring along with them
(mothers from informal settlements don't have yayas)
Speaker and a microphone

And that is all we need for now... I think. Unless something slipped my mind.

Please email me at if you wish to help out in any way. Or leave a comment on this blog.