Sunday, March 20, 2005


I knew that at some point, I would piss off someone.

From. L.C.
I'm happy to receive tour announcements as well as restaurant information... but I do not wish to receive messages protesting against issues/controversies, esp. those that attack the catholic church. Seen from laymen's perspective, the intervention may seem quite unreasonable. Perhaps we need to go deeper than the surface level before going gungho over any such matters of a serious nature...

My reply:
I walk around a city where unwanted uneducated hungry children nip at the toes of tourists and myself. I dont tour Makati. Overpopulation and IGNORANCE is a serious issue and it is definitely tied to what I do.

Just take a walk around downtown Manila, count all the uneducated pregnant street dwellers living in the bushes, and that is how deep you need to go.

I am not being unreasonable. The Catholic Church is interfering with our governments plans to provide our less fortunate countrymen with the freedom to plan their families and future once again. I will not keep silent this time. They blocked this family planning bill too many times.

I'm sorry that you do not agree with my views but my walking tours are not only about showing the pretty side of the Philippines. Most Philippine travel agencies do a good job of providing that already.
PS I am Catholic too.