Wednesday, March 09, 2005


the·oc·ra·cy (P)n. pl. the·oc·ra·cies A government ruled by or subject to religious authority. A state so governed.
As I watch the news and see our mostly male political leaders taking the stage with all-male heirarchy of the Philippine Catholic Church to vehemently oppose Congressman Edcel Lagman's House Bill 3773 family planning bill in congress - a chill heads up my spine. It shows that the Philippines is barelling backwards into the 19th century and the theocratic days of our Spanish colonization. It shows to the world that we have finally lost trust in the state and have allowed the all-too-human friars of the local Catholic Church to dictate government policies. It is undeniable that this sets a very disturbing precedent. That, at the end of the day, despite the fact that our president is female, and that the top three graduates of the Philippine Military Academy are female, the role of women in the Philippines has not progressed at all. By remaining silent, we are allowing them to be systematically oppressed with the full support of the government and permitting ourselves into becoming no different from other theocracies in the world like the former Taliban regime of Afghanistan. So speak up against this everyone! Start a signature drive and send it to your congressman. Hold a rally. Give condoms away for free. Lets not allow ourselves to be cowed into fear and ignorance by this cowardly minority. They should really find something better to do with their followers' hard earned money and time like protest against child abuse, child pornography, ecological degradation, or corruption. Their word is not law. Their claim to know the will of the divine is really just blasphemy by any other name. So pray for their progressive enlightenment and that they might one day see the truth. After all, this is the same organization that once thought the world was flat; that the sun revolved around the earth; and supported the execution of National Hero Jose Rizal. To learn more about the truth of overpopulation and family planning in the Philippines, click on the underlined words.

Oh and happy Women's Month everybody!!

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