Friday, March 11, 2005


rosys pancit
Philtrade Hall - March 11, 2005
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Rosy's Pancit (Philtrade, Buendia corner Roxas Blvd. Southwest side) Tel. n/a
Hardcore Filipino food. Not for foreigners of the faint of heart. The place smells like it was dredged out of the armpit of Neptune himself - and that's how you know the food is good. The Pancit Malabon (it's signature dish) is as authentic as it gets. The savory annato sauce with rice noodles comes complete with oysters and boiled eggs. Suman (rice cakes) are also available with fresh bananas. Don't order the lumpia. Just don't. Make sure to check out the myriad of antique shops next door after you're done picking your teeth. Ridiculously cheap. Tons of Parking.