Thursday, March 03, 2005


(kvch) Slang intr.v. kvetched, kvetch·ing, kvetch·es: To complain persistently and whiningly.
Who said that you cant get things done by simply complaining? Remember that
rant I made about the mini-mall being built right on the Luneta Park by the Quirino grandstand? The one I sent out about a couple of months ago? Well. Apparently Da Mayor of Manille Joselito Atienza has taken all our whinings (via email and phone) to heart and put an order to stop all construction. Whee! I drove by the area yesterday and it seems all work has been stopped completely. There is even a sign in front from City Hall saying that they revoked the building license. Unfortunately, insiders at City Hall say that some of the powers that be behind this project are trying to overturn the decision and complete the mall and forever change the landscape of this already cluttered park. Media Folk? Can we follow up on what's going on here? Let's see who is to blame for letting this happen and what's going to happen to this half-done structure? Actually, much worse than a mall on a national park is a HALF-finished mall on a national park.