Sunday, July 31, 2005


"Why does the government insist on changing the names of our city's streets?" asks Ivan Man Dy. He is hopping mad and he deserves an answer. Attention Mayor Atienza and Councilor Miles Roces! But more importantly. Can someone find a way to get this message to the Yuchengco family?

Dear Sir,

A few days ago; this streetwalker and once-upon-time Binondo resident had a major jolt in his acute sense of direction: he couldnt find his street of childhood.

In the movie 'Face-Off' , good guy actor John Travolta wakes up to find himself - and his whole identity- turned upside down when bad guy Nicolas Cage goes on a rampage and forcefully acquires Travolta's face (literally through surgery). Suddenly, everything wasn't as what's supposed to be.

I can only imagine this is what the residents and businesses of Nueva Street in Binondo must have felt when they woke up about month ago and suddenly found themselves staring at 'nueva' street sign that read ET Yuchengco - a name so strange and unrelated to what generations, including this humble streetwalker, have known as Calle Nueva.

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