Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I just took the LRT to Intramuros yesterday and as I got off at the Central Station, I was delighted to finally see work happening next door at the Mehan Gardens (see left). Only a month ago the place was still an overgrown mess that was lined with vagrants and smelled of urine, but today, the place is abuzz with landscapers planting plants and workers laying out paving brick. After calling the Flagship Projects Office of the City of Manila, I learned that the park has been redesigned by J. Antonio Mendoza once again (the same guy who designed the proposed Teachers Center in Arroceros Park). His plan was inspired by the original 19th century layout of Mehan Gardens to be in keeping with it's historical relevance. I also heard that the National Historical Institute finally approved the updated design of the City College of Manila to be constructed at the edge of the site (now with a floor plan that is open so as to make it possible to conduct archeological digs). I wonder if this means that the controversy is over? Or does this mean that it's begun once again? I certainly hope not. Whatever the end may be, I'm just glad that city hall is moving it one step closer to having the park used as a public space once again.