Friday, July 22, 2005


Just bumped into this great blog by a Washington DC-based Filipino who goes by the name of Urbano dela Cruz. He too is a fellow fetishist of the City of Manila and has dedicated his blog to issues surrounding our fair city's development. Since obtaining his Masters Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, he has been working with the Smart Growth Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on urban sustainable development, for the last two years. His hope is to eventually put together a coalition of voices to shape a vision for the future of Metro Manila. Mr. Dela Cruz is currently finishing a concept paper which he wishes to send to the Ayala Foundation regarding the formation of a citizen's group committed to urban issues. If these issues interest you too, get in touch with him and let's see what happens. You'll also love his blog because of the great pictures (one lovely one of Luneta Park in the 1970's) and really interesting (read: technical) articles.