Friday, July 08, 2005


bakya - July 2005
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One fond memory of growing up as a Martial Law baby in the 1970's was having pancakes every Sunday morning at the original Pancake House beside Rizal Theater (picture here) in Makati Commercial Center (Pre-Ayala Center days). And on every special occassion, like a birthday or Christmas, my parents would stroll my siblings and I two doors down to Happy Feet to buy a pair of rather chic custom made bakya (Philippine wooden clogs) with buckled straps to mark the ocassion. The tradition of buying these wooden slippers went on unabated until the arcade where these stalls were located was torn down to build the drab behemoth that is now Landmark Department Store. And although Happy Feet did remain in operation for some years after after that, the corporation soon succumbed to the changing tastes in footwear and closed their last branch in 1992. Then, just a few weeks ago, as I was driving around San Juan, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon HAPPY FEET once again. It seems that the descendants of Happy Feet's founder, Dr. Roberto Anonas Sr., have decided to revive the brand and they are banking on nostalgia and updated versions of this quintessentially Filipino shoe to keep the market demand going among baby boomers and students. And driven by my desire to revive the spirit of 1970's Philippines - an era that was much simpler but yet much more stylish - I stopped and bought myself a pair to show my support. And I think all of you should too. So run, don't walk to:
197 Wilson St. corner P.Guevara, Baranggay Sta. Lucia, San Juan, Metro Manila 1500