Thursday, August 18, 2005



As I drift through the columns of my newspaper, surf through the blogs on my computer, and flit through the channels of my TV, I am once again bombarded by the stupidity that is "Gloriagate". It seems that all I hear or read about nowadays are things like "Look what our nasty little President did today" or "See how much our country has gone to hell" or "Look at our poor children who have no future". Sadly, there really isn't much else at all. I don't know when it last was that anyone paid any attention to the good things that have happened around here (Tax collections are up! More Filipinos have housing!) or the last time that columnists wrote about anything else except how much we suck. But more than that, the one thing that irritates me beyond the point of distraction is that all these political noises and maneouverings are being done by OLD PEOPLE.

Yes you read me right. OLD PEOPLE. I hate to say it but when I reflect upon all that is going on around me, all I can think is: F*** YOU, ALL OF YOU OLD MEN. TO BE SPECIFIC - F*** YOU PEOPLE 45 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE. F*** YOU YOU NEWSPAPER EDITORS, YOU COLUMNISTS, YOU TV NEWS DIRECTORS, YOU CONGRESSMEN, YOU SENATORS, YOU BUSINESSMEN. F*** ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN BITCH AND GRIPE AND HOLD MY COUNTRY BACK ONCE AGAIN. F*** YOU. F*** YOU. F*** YOU. F*** YOU. It's really insulting that you guys have the audacity to complain and play petty politics when at the end of the day, it's your generation that brought us where we are today. Please realize that the crisis were in and all the noise we now hear has been created and managed by people who could possibly have been your classmates in school and not mine. It is truly only people 45 years old and above who give a crap about all this hypocrisy. People my age - 45 and below - are way too busy to dwell on politics right now. The pressing demands of our day to day living has taken priority over something as inert and abstract as "A proper mandate". (Because as Erap Estrada has proven, a proper mandate does not necessarily guarantee a good leader.) The truth is we'd all rather work than whine, we'd rather try to build a future instead of try to prove how much worse things can get; we are all too busy studying our lessons, texting, shopping, travelling abroad for work, selling ourselves on the streets, and answering telephones in this fresh hell that YOUR generation left behind for us to think about anything else.

And if talking is the best you can do to atone for the mistakes your generation made than I rather that you all just shut the f*** up. Your actions are all so malicious and your words are all so damaging that it really makes my generation wonder whether Martial law was probably a good thing if only to put all of you unruly bastards in line. And whether your mistakes be as far off as backing MacArthur in the 1940's (he didn't liberate Manila - he blasted it off the face of the earth) or as recently as backing Cory Aquino in the 80's (Oh cmon, dont gasp - as a president she stank and it was she who created a lot of the crappy systems we are dealing with now). Please realize that what is done is done and your time is now over. Harping about where everything went wrong is useless and it only wastes precious time and resources. Really. If you can't say anything good and constructive for society then just don't say anything at all. It seems that everything that comes out of your generation's mouth has become so mind-numbing and frustratingly negative that it really feels like a death wish or some eerie self fulfilling prophecy. Believe me. It's only you guys that are sincerely interested reading each others columns and watching each others shows. Everyone else is just tuning in because of morbid curiosity.

And also please realize that you are outnumbered. Our generation now comprises 60% of the entire country - if not more. So it's 60% of us who know all to well that everything were hearing now is not real. It's only politics. That's why the critical mass to kick Gloria out will never happen - OK? And now that this is all clear, OLD MEN, please feel free to join us in getting back to work and trying to move on out of this mess were in.