Wednesday, August 31, 2005


An interview with the lovely Annalyn S. Jusay re: blogging
August 12, 2005, Tech News, The Manila Bulletin


He is a seasoned traveler as well as the City of Manila’s most-publicized tour guide and so, we can just presume that all that meandering brought Carlos Celdran into the blog world.

He started blogging only in February of this year and his posts, found at
, are fewer when compared to more avid (and dedicated) bloggers. Still, that has not prevented the outspoken Mr. Celdran from digging up a virtual goldmine of Manila and its hidden, undiscovered treasures. His posts are a must-read for researchers or mere curiosity-seekers since it’s written from the eyes of someone who knows the city so well. Celdran is quite in-demand for his one-man “hysteric-theatric tours” which “utilize theatrics, comedy, costumes, and music to teach Philippine history,” specifically in Manila’s old districts like Intramuros, Quiapo and Binondo. But from time to time, he also throws in his expert advice on other “must-see” places in the archipelago, restaurants to dine in and other interesting stuff. Celdran can be quite unforgiving of people who seek to destroy Manila’s old glory but the rest of the tour-crazy population should find him a joy to read. For the full interview, walk this way please:

Q. I presume you're a busy person. How did someone like you get into blogging? Did anybody encourage you to blog? How did you find out about Blogger, for example?

A. I'm actually a tech idiot and am not quite savvy with computers as I should be.

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Cartoon about blogging: Thank you