Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Haynako. (Translation: Sigh.)
As I was flipping through the channels today, October 4, 2005, I stumbled upon ANC once again. Sadly, I felt like I was bumping into an old friend who was slowly losing his mind. The latest move in their agenda to bring down the Gloria administration is so blatantly transparent, heavy handed, and insulting to one's intelligence that I couldn't help but think "Good gosh, they've gone nuts." Tsk tsk. It's really sad to see that the station has become so desperate that it had to take a turn for the worse through their new feature, VOICELINE - a fifteen second-ish spot aired during commercial breaks where viewers can air their opinions on current events, an idea undoubtedly ripped off from CNN. But more than being unoriginal, it's also a not-so-subtle way for the station to continue fanning out incendiary pseudo-moralistic propaganda without taking any responsibility for it. For the past few days, the only recordings I have been hearing have been that of burgeois English speaking voices ranting and raving about "Gloriagate" or making cryptic/ominous statements about the eventual "comeuppance" that will be served to the incumbent. Then after fifteen seconds of sedition, the station unabashedly washes their hands off these comments by posting the words: "The opinions expressed by our viewers do not reflect the position of this station". Whatever man! If it ain't your opinion, then why did you air it in the first place? And why aren't you airing reactions to any other issues other than Gloriagate? Jeez. Not only are you insidious, but you're not even good at it. Two bit hacks. I'm onto you. No wonder I removed you from my channel listing once before. Hmph. I think I'll remove you again. There.

Oh. And don't even get me started with Cito Beltran's subliminal crusade. Cito, if you want your show to be a mouthpiece for your religion, go ahead and do it. It would be much more appreciable if you were up front about it. Really.

GMA! Please open your own news channel.

I mean the TV station, not the president.