Sunday, October 23, 2005


A few weeks ago,as I was browsing through the thrift shops of Bangkal, I was rather surprised to bump into the structure you see in the photo above. It was a four foot, two-tiered, blue and white house with a green roof, jalousied windows, and a small staircase leading to a back door. It was located on the patio area of a shophouse jumbled up among old vanity tables and faded wicker furniture. Barely noticable if not for the fact that it was built in concrete and for the oddity of it's size and scale; far too big to be made for dolls but yet too small to be to be a child's playhouse. When I asked the neighbors about the structure, they pointed out to me that the house was actually not for sale. It seems that the owner of the house (who has since moved away) had a major case of the dwendes: tiny Filipino earth spirits that can either bring blessings or wreak absolute havoc to one's home with their mischievous ways. Apparently, this one was of the latter variety because the owner built them their own place so that they could stay out his. Unfortunately, not only did I forget to say "tabi-tabi po" (or "excuse me") as I was examining the house but I also let out a rather audible chuckle when I heard the neighbor's answer. And because of my insolence, the dwendes gave me strep throat and 39 degree fever for the next four days. Sheesh!

Photo above: The dwende house.
Note: I am totally third eye challenged. Does anyone out there have the "gift" to see if there are dwendes in the photo above?