Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have seen the seventh sign of the apocalypse and it's located at the corner of Quirino Avenue and South Super Highway Extension. Ok. Maybe I'm exaggerating but the semiotic buffet of billboards you see above are definitely an omen augering the demise of something. On the bottom right hand side, we find Miss Kris Aquino - daughter of the late Marcos rival/senator/national martyr Benigno Aquino and GMA uber-critic/moralist/hypocrite/crappy president Corazon Aquino - hawking Bench underwear by wrapping herself in the oiled embrace of a Greek model. Meanwhile, one Pancake House advertisement to the left, we find the sexually ambiguous porcelain skinned Borgie Manotoc - love child of senator Imee Marcos and grandson of the late dictator/kleptocrat/killer Ferdinand Marcos and culture vulture/singer/shoe afficionado/former first lady Imelda Marcos - pushing his pants down to sell BLUE SODA jeans. Now, what does it say about a society when their political dynasties resort to doing overtly sexual ads for commercial products in order to maintain themselves in the public eye? Something pretty scary I'm sure. Really. What's next? Luli Arroyo pushing pantyliners?
Photo: Billboards on Quirino Avenue, October 2005