Monday, February 27, 2006

OH MY....

Ok. This will be my only political post for the week.
To all of you "concerned" citizens bitching out there that the coup was pre-cooked by Gloria and that the "State of Emergency" was totally uncalled for, read this article in TIME Magazine. This confirms that La Glue should really start locking some of these jerks up or start shooting them at sunset on the Luneta. Mikee Cojuangco even makes a cameo. Sickening. Frankly, I still support the constitution and our current president. I, along with many many other silent ones voted for her (I can really count with my fingers people who voted otherwise - AND FROM ALL SOCIAL CLASSES TOO). Considering the total ineptitude of the final days of the FPJ campaign, it is not inconcievable to believe that she won fair and square. Doesn't ANYBODY remember out there how FPJ started falling in the polls in the weeks prior to the election due to his lack of a cohesive platform, lack of communication skills, and lack of unity in his team? Godspeed to her in fighting sycophantic twits like Boy Saycon, Tito Sotto, the Estradas, Cory Aquino, Imee Marcos and the irresponsible media that brought all of this insanity to a boil (I won't name names but you know who you are). She has really been too kind. Now excuse me, I'm going out to Harrison Plaza for groceries and to conduct my life as usual. Long live the midget.