Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Check out this article. More solid evidence confirming my theory that Robinson's Place Ermita is the gateway to hell. Good thing nobody was killed. But Gokongweis and all you folks at Robinson's Land Corporation High Rise Buildings Division, now would be a good time to address some niggling issues regarding the sustainability of this real estate development. I certainly hope that this isn't a reflection on the substandard quality of the materials or technology that you are using to make Adriatico Residences: One Adriatico Place and Two Adriatico Place and soon Three Adriatico Place. It isn't too late to revise the blue prints to include more trees, open space, roadways, parking and better sewage, you know. God help all who bought units in there.
Photo above shows the newly repaired section of road.
Photo below shows the section that caved in with it's new steel retainers
(upper right of photo to the left of yellow crane).