Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Meet the artist-in-residence for the month of March at The Living Room, Antoni Abad. A 49-year old Catalan who hails from the city of Barcelona, this mid-career conceptual artist has been working on projects which involve giving a voice to marginalized sectors of society through the use of cell phones and the internet. In the last two years, his projects have been about the documentation of daily chores and challenges concerning disabled individuals in Barcelona, taxi drivers in Mexico City, and prostitutes in Madrid. He achieves this by providing them with cell phones and having them send their MMS images down to his website. So far, he hasn't figured out which sectors of Manila's society he wants to focus on, but his short list includes street children, seamen, and/or maybe transvestites. Stay posted to this website for info on a possible exhibition opening and artist's talk. He leaves Manila on March 26. His projects can be viewed online at

The Living Room
Unit 24, North Syquia Apts.
1991 MH del Pilar, Malate