Friday, March 03, 2006


OK. I lied. This will be my second political post for the week. Sent to me by a lovely lady named Maryanne Moll. It ain't Shakespeare but I just gotta put this out there to balance out all the anti-administration rhetoric infecting the media and blogosphere. I hope this can possibly put things in perspective for all the misled folks who fell for the opposition's propaganda machine. Nothing like the point of view of an outsider to set things straight.


First posted 04:10am (Mla time) Mar 02, 2006

I HOPE you don't mind -- I am a foreigner (an American).

I understand the frustrations felt by a people who treasure their freedom over the recent events. But those who influence the "masa"[masses] have not acted responsibly in the use of their freedom, as granted within the confines of your Constitution.

The reality is, former president Corazon Aquino and her family are taking revenge against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the government crackdown on Hacienda Luisita, which has ill treated life-long employees there.

Former president Fidel Ramos must protect his flanks from prying eyes investigating the PEA-Amari real estate deal made during his presidency as well as an irrigation project in Northern Luzon.

Former president Joseph Estrada continues to provide needed support to his cronies who want their power returned so he can return to power and avoid the conclusion of his trial on charges of corruption.

The senators know the days of the Senate would be numbered if a parliamentary government is installed, so they are doing all they can to delay the change in government for selfish reasons.

The communists, well, they are communists, so of course they want Arroyo and any other democratically elected officials out of business.

Political losers, all of them, because they will always claim cheating regardless of whatever country they are living in.

Your Big Brother, the United States, is not happy that Arroyo has prudently recognized the need to forge healthy trade and security relations with the next world superpower, China. So perhaps Washington is not sitting innocently by?

The Catholic Church insists on no family planning, just growing poor and hungry illiterate families. Why? You go figure.

The above are the principal problems. How to solve them? The means by which Arroyo has shown her forthright determination through tough management and action is the only way to go. It of course would be easier for her to have patronized and placated all the above who are now so determined be rid of her. But I, for one, cannot admonish a leader who has decided to forgo popularity to wrestle down those elements who profit by the country's and peoples' ills and be done with them once and for all.

The financial markets' positive progress tells the real story, and we who are overseas recognize this reality. The military also appreciates the President's resolute determination, because it strives on the basis of Honor, Service and Country, which she has shown to respect.

You, the media should be ashamed for not taking the lead in putting Country first and your opinions second, for it is not the freedom of speech that is being frustrated, it is the irresponsible use of freedom by you, the media, that eventually destroys the freedoms we have all enjoyed.

For once, stop tearing down that which you build because it (the government) utters the wrong answer to your wants, and build on the basis of the laws that have been passed on by your forefathers and which were designed to provide change in an orderly and time given manner. This is called "an election."

Arroyo has made the hard choices. Don't you wonder why? Certainly not for political gain, as they are all the tough choices for the right reasons and they are not popular.

So again, the solution is ever so simple: Unite and follow your President, for she is willing to make the personal sacrifice so that the Philippines may once again become the Pearl of the Pacific and recognize that with few exceptions, those fighting the President are doing so for totally selfish reasons.

MICHAEL VON LANGE SR. (via e-mail)