Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I was just lamenting a few posts ago that the Escolta was in dire need of commercial activity in order for it to survive. No sooner had I said that when the first signs of Escolta's imminent gentrification popped up a block away from Plaza Moraga. But now, this former commercial playground for Manila's Hispanic elite has taken an oriental turn, much more in sync with it's context in the Chinatown district. Welcome to the Polland Hopia Cafe. Yes, you read right. One of the Philippines' largest makers makers of that unassuming bean paste pastry has decided to open up shop over at the Escolta and with an upmarket twist at that. Not only is the place decorated with antique Orientalia and dark wood, but their selections of gourmet hopias (langka, durian, and black mongo) and espresso definitely give the entire area a little class. I love the place so much, it is now the starting point for my NORTH BANK tour of the Escolta and Quiapo.

The Escolta corner Nueva St. (Now Yuchengco Street but nobody really uses that name)
Santa Cruz, Manila
Tel. 7319810
March 25 - Saturday - 3:00pm
April 29 - Saturday - 3:00pm
May 20 - Saturday - 3:00pm