Thursday, March 23, 2006


An open letter from the artist-in-residence:

My name is Antoni Abad and I'm a Catalan artist involved in the creation of cellphone community projects. Since 2004, I worked with groups such as taxi drivers in Mexico City, Gypsies in Spain, prostitutes in Madrid and disabled people in Barcelona. I have given them their own thematic multimedia channels on the internet using camera cellphones in order to get a glimpse into the lives of these otherwise marginalized societies.

At the moment, I'm in Manila preparing the "CallCenterForum", an internet based art project wherein call center agents are the focus. Like timezone expatriates, these people live in a world opposite of the city they live in. They sleep by day and work by night. Their jobs are also one of the most stressful in the world. They spend their working hours by a computer, obediently answering calls, and providing answers/solutions for people who live halfway around the globe. is a website I have designed for this community to share their views, elations, frustrations and images via MMS. Through the different thematic channels of daily chores, fun times, work issues, and a text forum, this website hopes to offer a glimpse into the inner lives of this Philippine based nocturnal society.

So if you are a call center agent with a story to tell and a cameraphone, please visit the site, scroll down to JOIN NOW!, register your alias, and start sharing your life with us. And kindly forward this email to your call center friends who you think might be interested in contributing to the project as well.

The "CallCenterForum" project is funded by the Institut Ramon Llull and is part of the "Filipiniana Siglo XX" exhibition to be held in Madrid in may 2006. This exhibition is a co-production of Casa Asia and the Ministerio de Cultura de EspaƱa (CooperaciĆ³n Cultural).

Thanks very much and I hope to see you at the Living Room for the launch of the website on Saturday.

Antoni Abad

It is the end of Barcelona Artist Antoni Abad´s residency at The Living Room. And in order to mark this occassion properly, a cocktail will be held to launch the website of his current art project, a website devoted to inner lives of call center agents. So come and learn more about this fascinating project and perhaps meet some of the people who you talk to on the other end of the line. There will also be a brief artist´s talk and some free cranberry vodka while it lasts (thanks Finlandia!).

MARCH 25, 2006, Saturday

The Living Room
Unit 24, North Syquia Apartments,
1991 MH del Pilar, Malate
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