Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Wild! I'm on the BBC Radio Programme Outlook. But boy does my recorded voice sound odd; whiney and fruity being the first words that come to my mind. Bits and pieces of my CCP tour are played and I sound a little pro-Marcos in the interview (which I'm totally OK with). But I think that some of the things I said will tick off a lot of people who are already ticked off by my big mouth. Then again, you decide for yourself. I personally think it's a finely crafted, well researched piece. It also includes interviews with Soc Villegas, Max Soliven, and Imee Marcos among others. Congratulations Ms. Sarah Toms for a job well done. The webpage is here. Scroll down to the Friday, February 24 radio broadcast: I'm in the first and last part of the segment. The segment - a reflection on the state of the Philippines twenty years after EDSA I - begins somewhere around the 28th minute in the 40 minute programme if you wanna fast forward to it.

March 2 - Thursday - 2:00pm - Meet at Figaro Coffee Shop at the CCP Complex
March 10 - Friday - 2:00pm - Meet at Figaro Coffee Shop at the CCP Complex