Sunday, March 12, 2006


And so it came to pass that the dessert show hosted by the brilliant dessert blogger/food stylist Lori Baltazar was held on a sweltering Sunday afternoon at the Living Room in Malate. And let me tell you, the pastries flowed like it was going out of style. I had never seen such a bacchanalian collection of confectionery in a single room. And despite the heat, more than 75 people showed up to take part in this carbohydrate orgy.

All in all, seven bakers came and seven bakers talked.

Everyone took a little taste of the treats.

Some even took the time to text between tidbits.

Before going home to dream little dreams of fluffy cakes and coffee.

And also, thank you The Living Room artist in residence, Antoni for the photos. and naturally to Ria and Lori who made it all happen. Photostream of event also available here. Check them out.