Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well, it's not like I'm in this movie. I'm just shamelessly plugging this it because I'm practically pink with pride for my friends who were involved in getting this quality production realized: Caroline Mangosing (she plays the grandma), Romeo Candido (who directed it), and Ria Limjap (the scriptwriter). It's an absolute labor of love. Along with an extremely professional team, they worked tirelessly and sleeplessly for an entire month in Bulacan, filming sfx manananggals, old scary antique houses, and historical costumes in order to create a movie that boasts of excellent cinematography (by Odyssey Flores), a striking soundtrack by Gerard Salonga (yes, Lea's brother) and a well developed, unpredictable plot with English subtitles to boot. Even their website is fabulous - check out their 30 second teaser.

"Ang Pamana" is composed of a local and Fil-Canadian cast which includes Darrel Gamotin, Nadine Villasin, Nico Garcia, Victor Neri and Phoemela Baranda in her breakout role. This movie hopes to premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Their website and production blog are here.

And if you are wondering why the name Ria Limjap sounds so familiar, she is the nice lady who works part time with me as my bookie, answering the cell phone and setting my tour dates.