Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Thank you JEFF YAP for the initial action. Now can anyone else call them nicely? Even if only to ask for permission to take detailed photos so that it's possible to reconstruct it some other day. It is after all, cement. I actually called already too but nobody in office yet. I will also be out all day touring.

From Jeff:
Okay. So I called Mr. Esteban Titong of E.V.J. Integrated Services – he’s the one in charge of the demolition of Avenue Theater and I was informed that the site would be turned into a parking lot in the meantime since the owner doesn’t have any plans of putting up another structure.
I was able to get the name as well as the contact number of the owner of the building:
Mr. Eduardo Linton Jua
(Ms. Alice – Secretary)
He’s the chairperson/ CEO of a Shipping Line. I called the number a few minutes ago and I think it was his wife who answered the phone (it was their residence phone - so folks, hinay hinay lang). I gave out info re: Avenue theater being a prewar structure and all. I was extremely courteous so as not to create too much tension. However, she informed me that they had already made a final decision, which was to demolish the building. She said they don’t have enough money to maintain it.
“I’m sorry hijo, there’s nothing you can do. Nakakkahiya na sa mga contractors if we stop the demolition,” she said.
So could somebody help me out on this? I believe we could still save this heritage structure. Perhaps if the owners will have an incentive or something to help them maintain the building, then it will not be demolished.
NCCA, NHI, HCS? What can we do about this?
By the way, below is the contact information of the demolition team for reference:
Mr. Esteban Titong
E.V.J. Integrated Services
I'm thinking instead of calling and bombarding them, perhaps we could send a letter or set up a meeting?