Saturday, May 20, 2006


An update on the project to complete the list of Father Blanco's Garden. Meet Onie D., the resident botanist at Father Blanco's garden in San Agustin. If you want to help him out in the garden or donate more plants in order to complete their collection of indigenous Philippine plants and flowers, you may find him in the far corner of the garden everyday except Sundays. For more information, text 0926 2597506.

Here is a photo of the plants donated by our first sponsor, Ms. Bea Zobel. Thanks a bunch, gurl.

And. If you are into reggae music. Onie runs a garden reggae bar called Bamboo Giant (next to Bureau of Plant Industries on San Andres St.). It's next to the LRT Station. Rolly, the lead singer of the 90's reggae sensation, Cocojam, plays there on weekends.