Sunday, May 28, 2006


Wild! I have finally become important enough for Soozy to write about me. Unfortunately though, it isn't the real Soozy. Drat. I was hoping that it would be. If it was, it would have confirmed that I have finally been given the doubious honor of being accepted as part of Manille's perfumed society, and instead, I get posted in some cheezy sex scandal expose site by some showbizzy self-loathing homophobe with terrible photoshopping skills. Tsk tsk. How disappointing. The original Soozy was funny and targetted high society. This one is curt and targets a mostly lower sector of society: politicians and showbiz and - Bwahaha - Me! I have a suspicion who the characters might be behind this new blog. It's more than likely that it's some of the folks who were plastered all over the original blog who got pikon* about my Soozy recommendation.

So to this new Soozzy and the people behind it, allow me to offer this advice: First, if you want do dedicate your blog to "Manila's open secrets", please make sure they are secrets to begin with. If not, it undermines the reliability of the rest of the information on your site. Furthermore, don't be such pansies when it comes to gossip. C'mon if you want to become the touchstone of society, then you gotta learn to take it as well as you can dish it. Because when it comes to dealing with chismis there are only two ways to go about it. If it's false. DENY IT. And if it's true: THEN OWN IT. If not, then just stay home and continue to be a loser. That's all there is to it really.

*(pik´on adj. easily angered by jokes or jests, touchy)

Unfortunately, this this a family site so I cannot link to anything that is remotely porn-like. So just google soozzyhopper (an extra z from the original) on blogspot and it's there. Be careful eh? It's really graphic.

Thank you to for the great photo and for those who emailed/texted me about the blog.