Monday, March 12, 2007


Well, whaddaya know? Yours truly is mentioned in Lufthansa Magazine. Not a bad acheivement if I might say so myself. Why do I say this? Because I met the writer, Hans Oberlaender, when he was being toured around Manila by the inimitable blue haired honorary Filipino Andy Maluche, and I know that this was a writer with incredibly high standards. Every Manila restaurant, hotel, tour service, and attraction mentioned in his article had to be Germanically perfect lest any passenger of Lufthansa be disappointed by any of his recommendations. And although one might think that being called a "Know-It-All" (below) might be percieved as a pejorative by some, I'm OK with it.

I really do think I know it all.

Thanks Ed Guzman for the shout out. And thanks bryanboy for the mention in psychopedia!