Friday, March 09, 2007


Really, who the hell does this woman's PR? I would hire him/her in a flash. After features on CNN and in Vanity Fair and New York Magazine, here goes her High Hairedness in W Magazine this time. I actually had a quick meeting with Marshall Heyman, the writer of the article over drinks the Peninsula poolside when he came to town. And judging from our conversation, I was in fear that his article would make a mockery of the country and our choice of leaders in the same way that many other journalists have when writing about Imelda and her position in Philippine history. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be rather balanced. Most of the crazy stuff written was not from his pen but from her own mouth. I'm also amazed how nice the article is about her when she really drove his patience and nerves to breaking point. Not to mention that he was also being very diplomatic about her collection of jewelry. Read the article on here and to come to my Imelda Tour of the CCP Complex here.

And thank you Kiko for the great review!