Tuesday, April 08, 2008


And if things aren't changing fast enough in Chinatown, look what just happened to the Carriedo Fountain at the end of Ongpin Street. From that (above) to that (below).

Holy Hideous Hell, Batman.

Well, I don't know. Some may bit** that the fountain now looks like a painted whore and I might agree. But then again, considering the way that other heritage structures are going nowadays, I'm just glad that they didn't demolish it. At least paint can be removed. A demolition would have been irreversible.

But more than anything else, considering that Mayor Lim has touted himself to be the heritage friendly mayor and that he has some of the finest conservationists and historians aboard his bandwagon, how the hell did this travesty happen under their watch? Ahem. Paging Heritage Conservation Society et al...What the hell?

Thanks pakshet 101 and Eazytraveler for the photos.