Thursday, April 17, 2008


YES. I KNOW. Thank God he left his shirt on. This is my Rogin-E and Gold's Gym update for the week. And I seem to be leading on the new Rogin-E Unbreakable Challenge Website. Either that or they just listed us alphabetically and that's why I'm on top. But truth be told, for the past week, I haven't found enough time to make it out to Gold's and I'm actually at that state that if I don't get to exercise, I get kinda depressed and sluggish. So to remedy this situation, I got one of those plastic exercise ball thingamajiggies and a twenty pound dumbell so that I could enhance Jopet's regimen. I now do around a hundred sit-ups a day and arm-curls while watching the news on ANC. Yes, I know. Despite the crap I say about that station, I still watch them as default. Don't ask me why I do. But I do. In fairness, they seemed to have annoyingness under control.

And I seemed to have plateaued though. I haven't lost weight in the last week. I'm kinda stuck in the late 160's. Haven't broken my psychological barrier of 165.