Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Well, I'll be durned. Times they are a changing over at the Intramuros Administration. After sitting at the top of the heap since Erap times, the controversial Dominador Ferrer has finally stepped aside and lo and behold, let's all give a warm welcome to Ms. Ana Maria "Bambi" Harper. Former director of the Heritage Conservation Society and a long time critic of the departing IA director, Ms. Harper definitely has her work cut out for her. Plagued by low tourism investments, a high nocturnal crime rate, squatters, drug dealing, and neglect, Intramuros is in desperate need of a clearcut vision that will turn it into as culturally vibrant as Vigan and as tourism friendly as Boracay. And after chatting with her yesterday at the courtyard of Casa Manila, I am quite secure for now that IA is in good hands. Among the things we talked about were: cleaning up Intramuros (crime-wise; litter-wise; and drug-wise), the repair of some areas in Casa Manila, the creation of a gift shop, and the relocation of squatters).

And in light of all this, I promised Bambi that I would go on my blog and ask folks out there for ideas and opinions about Intramuros just to see if we can find any good ideas out there.

So folks, tell me: What does Intramuros need for it to elevate itself into a world class tourist destination and heritage site? Give me a your suggestions or opinions. Whatever it is, fill the comments box with your thoughts because I'm going send it to her office once it's full.

Oh, And I've gone kinda showbiz. Watch me today on the morning show, Boy and Kris (ABS CBN). I take Boy and Matt and Mikey from BB Teen Edition around Casa Manila. Tune in if only to watch me mangle the Filipino language.