Monday, April 21, 2008


W.C., rest rooms, bathrooms, comfort rooms, latrines, public toilets. Whatever you call it, allow me to introduce you to the spanking new ones over at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros.

Thanks to the tickets you have all paid for my tours, plus the help and assistance of Mrs. Caress Banson, the SALEX Foundation, and Arch. RG Roa, we took away the pink and baby blue nastiness that was the old one (below) and created ones befitting of a UNESCO World Heritage Site (above). Architecture/layout was by J. Anton Mendoza (same guy who did People's Palace and Sala) and interior design detailing was by yours truly. The tiles are classic Machuca, the fixtures are from American Standard, the Venetian mirrors are from Balikbayan Handicraft, and the chandelier is well, plastic. This was my first real attempt into architecture/interior and I'm quite proud of it if I may say so myself.

We still need a couple of side tables next to the sinks for the soap, and some nice classy trash bins. Would be great if someone out there could donate them? Hint hint. Hint hint.