Thursday, July 31, 2008


In line with my support for ANY tourism related venture in downtown Manila, allow me to recommend the restaurant, Crepe de Chine. And I do this not because of it's ambience, mind you. Located in the basement of the supposedly Michael Graves designed World Trade Exchange Center on Juan Luna Street, Crepe de Chine can best be described as the Binondo love child of Country Waffles and Delifrance. And though the atmosphere might be a bit twee, it soon becomes obvious that it's all about the food over at CDC. Their menu, which is also quite eclectic, mixes the savory nature of Oriental cuisine with the charm of French comfort food. I especially liked their adobo crepe, yang chow crepe, pizza crepe, seafood pasta, and freshly squeezed Mandarin Orange Juice (that alone definitely worth the trek downtown). And for all the media and advertising folk working over at the El Hogar Filipino down the street, this is good information to know if you're looking for something different from the usual neighborhood fare.

And look, even celebrities like the place. Log onto their site and guest album here.

World Trade Exchange
215 Juan Luna St. cor Dasmarinas St.
Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Monday to Saturday
10:30am up to 9:30pm
244 2270