Friday, July 04, 2008


As featured in the Philippine Star, read Gino dela Paz's article called "Slummer Holidays". It's a feature about this new trend in leisure travel called "Poorism", (a term that mixes "poverty" and "tourism") which is apparently all the rage now in India and Brazil.  But is "poorism" really helping the poor or objectifying them?  One wonders.  Either way, perhaps that's the word I should've used for my former "All the Way Down to Chinatown" tour, the one where I would take unsuspecting folks into the House on Madrid Street where we would hand out free birth control and discuss social issues. Good thing I never really charged people money for that tour (I only accepted anonymous donations) - lest ANYONE OUT THERE think that I make money off the less fortunate.  Thank you Barefootincowshit for the photo.

Oh, and thanks a million to Jenna Castro of Guidon Magazine for the great article!