Thursday, July 24, 2008


Haynako. Here goes the Catholic Church again trying to rally people against the promotion of artificial methods of birth control. Apparently, they plan to mobilize (read: FORCE students) to protest against Ping Lacson’s Reproductive Health Bill because it “promotes” abortion. Whatever. If they read the bill at ALL they would realize that ABORTION HAS NO PART IN IT WHATSOEVER. Jeez.  If they spent as much time and effort battling something more threatening to society, like tobacco smoking, alcoholism, environmental degradation or corruption, they would be more effective in making The Philippines a better place than wasting their time on these stupid rallies. But then again, the Catholic Church obviously thrives on ignorance and increasing poverty. In a progressive secular society, nobody would be able to give them the time and money that they are receiving now. 

But I have faith that things will work out in the end. I truly believe that many Filipinos see through the lies being given by the old and out of touch men who run this institution called the Philippine Catholic Church. I mean, c’mon. This is the very same institution that wanted Jose Rizal dead, and that wanted the Noli Me Tangere banned from all schools. I think it’s been proven rather well that the Catholic Church isn’t always correct when it comes to many matters. And this one is definitely one of them.

NOTE: For all the folks who happen to be near these “PRO LIFE”* rallyists, do me a favor, throw cold water on them. It seems they only have sex on their mind so I think it’s best we wake them up and make them think of other matters.**

*I use “” simply because their pro-life stance ironically kills more women and children than saves them.
** Sadly though, my insiders say that because of pressures given by the Church, the formerly 140 supporters of the bill in Congress has dwindled to just 40. Pathetic spineless Congressmen. Typical.

That’s all I have to say for now. Read the Sunday Inquirer this weekend if you really wanna hear me rail against the hierarchy of the Philippine Catholic Church. And if they Church threatens to excommunicate me, that’s just fine. I’ll be in the company of Jose Rizal and Madonna. That ain’t so bad, really.

Thanks Tammy David for the photo of Intramuros squatter mothers getting my free birth control pills.