Monday, July 28, 2008


To all those out there who sent their best wishes regarding my little project of giving away modern methods of birth control, I say, "thanks, guys."  Some words you sent were very nice, while some were TOO nice in fact.  Because at the end of the day, there is no need for the kind words.  What I'm doing does not require any special talent.  Giving away condoms and pills is something ANY idiot with a little money and a pair of hands can do.

Some snippets sent to my mailbox:

"The article reminds me of my son's first yaya. She was in her early thirties with eight children. It broke my heart that she was helping me care for my baby while her youngest was not even a year old. To make a long story short, she got pregnant during her holiday and decided to return home. One afternoon, I entered her bedroom, I found eight identical little stuffed toys. This image will always be in my mind. As parents, we want to try to provide for our children. In her place I employed two of her sisters. They have been with me for six years now. If you ever need extra funds for the contraceptive donations, I'ld like to make a humble contribution."

"I loved the article in the Sunday Inquirer today about you handing out contraceptives, especially given all the crap I've been reading about the opposition to the reproductive health bill. How can I make a donation to help you buy more? Can you give me a bank account number so I can make a deposit? Or can I have a check delivered to you?"

"Great article on PDI mag re your efforts to distribute modern FP. Galing! Hope Madame GMA and her cohorts are taking note as well."

Well first of all, please don't send any money.  Yikes!  Aside from being an abortionist, estafa is another accusation I would want to avoid here.  If you wish, you can get TRUST Pills and TRUST condoms at any drugstore (generic ones being cheaper than Mercury, for sure).  It's only Php30.00 ish for a one month cycle of pills and Php10.00 per condom. I will be more than happy to pick 'em up and give them to mothers who want them (and Trust me, I know many). 

Or better yet, let charity begin at home.  Keep a stash of it in the cupboard and give it away to those around you who may need it.  Have condoms in your car for the "park-your-car" guy, buy a year's worth of pills for the squatter mother next door, give the yaya a tubal ligation, or gift your driver with a vasectomy (PROVIDED OF COURSE THAT THEY WANT IT).  Forcing them to have one, well, will bring about really strange and perhaps ugly scenarios.

And I know an organization that helps provide ligations for mothers in need.  If anyone out there wants info on this, you could text or email my address above.

Because, really, if the government won't set aside the funding or effort for this glaringly obvious need in our society, then perhaps we all should start doing it on our own.  Promoting sexual responsibility and advocating family planning (in all it's methods) doesn't require superpowers at all.  I can do it.  I'm sure all of you out there can as well.  No doubt.

And as for those who sent criticism regarding this matter, I ask, "Where are you?"  I am actually surprised that I received zero criticism so far about giving away pills and condoms. Hmmm.  Why is that?  Do Filipinos really secretly support this bill and won't say so?  Or perhaps, I may be talking too soon..