Thursday, August 07, 2008


Sigh. It really breaks my heart to do this, but I am going to remove Casa Manila from my Intramuros Regular and Deluxe tours. Due to new rules, the Intramuros Administration has to limit the amount of visitors that enter the museum.  Only thirty people are allowed to enter the museum at any given time.  And my tours usually go up to 35 on the average and unfortunately, they will not give exception to even ONE extra person (and I don't want to leave that one person behind downstairs while we go inside).  But for those who reeeeaaally want to see this replica of a 19th century Ilustrado mansion, worry not, I will still end the tour at the Casa Manila courtyard and all guests will have the chance to see the museum on their own AFTER the tour. The usual spiel that I gave inside the Casa Manila will now be done in different sites around the Plaza San Luis Compound and Intramuros.