Monday, August 04, 2008


Please help the residents and friends of Quiapo, Manila by signing the petition letter below. Unenlightened property developers threaten to destroy the historic skyline with the construction of an oversized and inappropriate (READ: Ugly) building right in the heart of Quiapo (above). So sad. Let's petition that they change the design to one that is more appropriate to the historicity of the area... This is the plan of the bad bad developers (below).
This is what we want them to do. Just shorten the building and keep the lines the same height as the rest of the street. IS THAT TOO HARD? What the hey?
Your signature will be of great help to preserve and protect Quiapo: the heart of Manila:  Please log on here.  Thank you Professor Zialcita and The Heritage Conservation Society for sending this info to me.