Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just in case you weren't paying attention, allow me to introduce you all to the new streetlamps of Roxas Boulevard (above and below).

Yes. I know. You don't need to say it. They are hideous. I have no idea what's going on with the flame action above and I really wonder how much energy the one below consumes considering that it has over twelve bulbs. Sigh.. I really thought times had changed over at City Hall now that Mayor Atienza has left office. Thanks to the bad taste of the City Engineers Office during his term, Manila had really taken a tacky turn. Badly proportioned fountains, cheap pavement, and miles and miles of ugly streetlamps were a hallmark of the Atienza administration. I really thought that perhaps good taste might still have a fighting chance over at the purchasing department of the Manila City Engineers Office now that Mayor Lim is in power. I mean, really - Atienza's former gullwing streetlamps (below) - albeit tacky - looked way better than these new ones.

And just when I was about to curse Mayor Lim to all hell, it turns out that it is still the tacky arm of the Atienza-era City Engineers Office reaching out from the grave. According to Mayor Lim's Office, those are not new lamps. Those are surplus lamps left over from the former administration. Apparently, a few years ago, the former administration went on a buying spree and still had all these lamps (all of them ugly) sitting in storage. So instead of wasting them and throwing them away, Mayor Lim decided to install them to add light to a now restaurant-free Baywalk.

But what really struck me about Roxas Boulevard, was that as I was taking these pictures, I was walking by a unusually clean Manila Bay. Believe it or not, these trash/flotsam/jetsom-free beach photos of kids playing in the sea were taken right beside the US Embassy. Wild! Is Manila Bay getting cleaner? Have pigs finally learned to fly? Or is this just a fluke? If so, how did that happen?

I'd really like to know..