Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yahoo...I did it. I finally have a foothold in the walled city. I always dreamed of having a space inside Intramuros to call my own. For years and years, I have wandered about the city's narrow streets looking for a place where I can just hang out and drink in the ambience. But all the places I checked out were either too expensive and/or in a deplorable state. But now, after years and years of searching and waiting and dealing with the ridiculous government bidding system, I finally found a place to lay my head inbetween tours. And it's in a perfect spot, right inside the Plaza San Luis compound in front of San Agustin Church. Check out my new digs. This is the view from my window (above).

This is the view from my door. It isn't big. It's around 25 square meters including the bathroom.

This is the view looking towards the door and San Agustin Church.

This is the stairs leading down into the toilet and shower.

The view from the courtyard looking up at my window. It's amazing, if I may say so myself. But then again, the old adage does kinda ring true for me right now. Be afraid of what you wish for. Because now that I have it. What do I do with it?

Stay tuned. I'll think up something soon.