Sunday, June 28, 2009


What a very very cool organization. I just received word that the parents of an old high school friend of mine, Gaby Gloor, started something called Circle of Friends Foundation. It's a charitable organization that aims to acquire and organize transportation services in specially retrofitted vans for people in wheelchairs. Apparently, their foundation has to provided this service to wheelchair bound people who can and cannot afford this service since 1998.

Having said that, they also rent some of the vans for folks and tourists who need to get around Manila or thereabouts in their wheelchair.  So hey, if any of you out there have a friend who is coming over to the Philippines and needs one these amazing vehicles to get around, give them a call. Tell them I sent you.

More power to you, Tito Reiner and Tita Margaretha. 

Log onto their site here and make a donation to this amazing charity now.